Breakfast & Lunch Menu

Please contact the Child Nutrition Department for Menu information


Menus subject to change Due to availability of Foods or Emergency School Closings.



8 oz. of Low-fat Non-Flavored & Flavored Milk is offered with Each Meal.

Assorted Cereal Bowl, Yogurt Cup, or Breakfast Bars may be

offered or request daily.

A Grab-N-Go Sandwich Meals or Grab-N-Go Salad will be offered or may be requested daily.

These are self-contained meals consisting of meat, vegetable/fruit choices, bread and milk choices.

Here are some important facts about the new school meals:

The new school lunch provides 1/3 of the average daily calorie needs for kids by age.

 Some highly active students, like athletes, may need more calories. Some schools may offer second helpings of fruits and vegetables. A second carton of milk may also be an option. Schools can also operate after-school snack .

In practice, many students are being served the same amounts of protein as before under the new standards.

 Your child can learn good habits for life by making healthy food choices and getting proper exercise now. This year is a transition year as schools implement these new standards and work together with parents, to ensure that every child, in every community across America, has access to healthy and nutritious meals. Encourage them to try new foods and eat the healthy food offered.  Reinforce healthy eating by offering similar new foods at home. Keep updated on the changes at


In response to growing concerns over obesity especially among our children the Bessemer City Schools Child Nutrition Program has joined many school nutrition programs across the State and Nation in an all out effort to align our daily menu choices to meet the guiding principles for eating healthier at school. Daily Menus are planned to provide opportunities for students to select and consume more fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and nonfat or low-fat dairy products. This along with efforts made by the total school environment will certainly enable our students to make wiser choices for life-long health and wellness!   

Offer vs Serve-

What students are to select for healthy meal eating habits.

Lunch:  Students must select 3, 4, or 5 of the 5 offered components for a reimbursable meal.  The 5 lunch selections include: meat, bread, 2 vegetable/fruit choices and milk choices. 

MyPlate Guide to School Lunch