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The Parent Involvement Program

The Parental Involvement Program

The Parental Involvement Program of the Bessemer City School System is a federally funded program. It is designed to provide parents with meaningful experiences in which they can use to help their children. Also, it gives parents opportunities to build and strengthen the partnership between the home and school.


 • Annual Meetings

• Parent Advisory Work Session Committees

• Parent Workshops/ Seminars

• Mini-Conference on Adolescence

• Parent Resource Center

• Great Source Math Program

• Leapfrog

• ACT Prep Booklets



• To increase communication between parents and teachers.

• To provide programs that strengthens parenting skills and help parents to provide educational assistance to their children.

• To promote a clear two way communication between the school and the family.

• To provide parents with knowledge and techniques designed to assist children in learning.



• To establish a positive working relationship between parents and the school.

• To keep parents informed of the issues that affect and impact their children’s educational development.

• To make parents aware of the resources and services that are available in the school, central office, community, and Parent Resource Center.

• To provide training for parents via workshops which will enable them to assist their children with homework and also reinforce skills that are taught in school.



Annual Meetings

Parent Involvement meetings are held in the fall and spring of each school year. Information is provided on the expenditures of the Federal Programs.

Parent Work Sessions

Parent works sessions are held twice a year. School-Home Compacts and Policy Statements are reviewed. Topics are selected by parents and teacher representatives and presented in workshops which are held at each school and/ or the Bessemer Board Annex (Parent Resource Center)


Parent workshops are held monthly at each school on various topics selected by the Parent Involvement Specialist and the Parent Advisory Committee Members.

 Mini Conference

A conference is held each year for the parents of students entering middle school and high school. It is designed to empower parents as their children’s most influential resource for academic success during the middle and high school years. 


 Parent Resource Center

The Parental Involvement Program (PIP) provides a well- stocked resource center with pamphlets, books, tapes, games, puzzles, flash cards, workbooks, and reinforcement materials for parents to borrow, and/ or keep for use at home with their children.

Great Source Math & Parent Guide

A math series that contains everything students and parents need to reinforce math skills. It is available for K-8 and we have Algebra and Geometry for grades 9-12.

Leap Frog

(Pre K-8 & up)

Parents may check out materials to help their children in reading, phonics, spelling, math, science, and social studies. NEW Leap Frogs materials: Leapsters, Turbo Extreme, Smart Guides and iQuest: Test Prep (SAT & PSAT/ ACT-College Prep).


(Grades 9-12)

The ACT Book (Reading, Language, Math, Science, and Social Studies).



Keith A. Stewart, Ed.D

Director of Federal Programs

Brenda Rumley

Parent Resource Coordinator

Kimbley Gaston

Board Members

• District 1………. Amos Rembert

• District 2………. Vera Eades, Board Vice-President

• District 3………. Renna` Soles Scott, Board President

• District 4………. Samuel Morris

• District 5………. Jerome Cook 

• District 6……….  Remeka Thompson

• District 7……….  Lee "Coach" Jones

The Bessemer Board of Education complies with Federal Civil Rights regulations and Americans with Disabilities Act which prohibit discrimination based on race, sex, and age.

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