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Seclusion and Restraint

Proposed Policy

Proposed Board Procedure


The Bessemer Board of Education requires that all schools and programs within the school district comply with State Board of Education Rule 290-3-1-.02(1)(f) regarding the use of“seclusion” or “restraint,” as those terms are defined within the rule
Seclusion, Mechanical Restraint, Chemical Restraint
The Board of Education prohibits the use of seclusion, mechanical restraint, and chemical restraint as those terms are defined in State Board of Education Rule 290-3-1-.02(1)(f).

The Bessemer Board of Education recognizes that in determining when and how

 to implement this policy and any procedure related to it, educators will be

 required to exercise their professional judgment and discretion. Therefore,

 this policy is not intended to be construed as imposing ministerial duties on

 individual employees. Furthermore, it is not intended to interfere with

 the duties of law enforcement or emergency medical personnel.


For schools and programs within the district that use physical restraint as

defined within the State Board of Education rule, the Superintendent or

designee shall develop and implement written procedures governing its

 use, which shall include at minimum the following:


1.      Staff and faculty training on the use of physical restraint and the district’s policy and

       procedures related thereto;


2.      Documentation in written or electronic form of staff and faculty training to the use

     of physical restraint, including a list of participants in each training. This list must be

     made available to the Alabama Department of Education or any member

     of the public upon request;


3.      Written parental notification of the use of physical restrain within a reasonable time.

      Notification should not to exceed one school day from the date of the incident;


4.      Documentation of the use of physical restraint and a debriefing session held

      by staff or faculty participating in or supervising the restraint for each

       student in each instance in which the student is restrained;


 5.      Periodic review of the use of restraint and the documentation

      described in paragraph four (4) above;


6.      Annual reporting to the Central Office of the use of restraint and the

     documentation, which should include any prohibited use of

     chemical, mechanical, seclusion and physical restraint;


7.      Annual submission of the documentation submitted to the

      Central Office in accordance with paragraph six (6); and


8.      Inclusion of the procedures in the school district 

     Code of  Conduct and or the school’s student handbook.



Bessemer City Schools’ Code of Conduct and Policies and Procedures Manual are currently being revised.

Upon approval of the Board, a copy of the Restraint and Seclusion Sections will be uploaded.



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