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Shannon Sudbury, Director


Teaching and Professional Opportunities


Teachers who choose to come to Bessemer enjoy highly competitive salaries and opportunities for career advancement.  Our teachers and students are supported by dedicated parents and community members.


All Bessemer teachers are licensed by the State of Alabama.  Approximately one-half of teachers hold advanced degrees.  The Board supports professional growth and provides compensation accordingly.


Teachers are viewed with high regard.  Equipped with a superb education and demonstrating a willingness to do their best, teachers in Bessemer City Schools are a point of pride for the school system and the city.  The Bessemer school teacher is a professional who can and does make a difference in the future of the city and in the lives of students.




Employment Requirements for

Certified Employees

·   Bachelor’s Degree or Higher

·   Complete application file with HR Dept.

·   State Certification

·   Excellent Human Relations skills

·   ABI/FBI Background Checks

·   Deemed Highly Qualified

·   Quality references from teaching experience